Friday, February 23, 2018
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Balayage French Hair Styling

Balayage looks natural

The word Balayage is of French origin and means “to paint in a sweeping motion.” In the hair industry, it references the natural, flowing style offered in a youthful color that truly revives your hair and look. Balayage has very easy upkeep and allows your hair to more naturally grow out. Balayage means less regrowth lines and softer, full-bodied hair that stands out with a beautiful and vibrant glow! This hair style has a unique application, being painted onto the surface of the hair, creating a perfect blend that is streak-free. No foils or color-aides are used and the highlights are usually applied completely freehand; basically, it is applied by hand.

This is also a very affordable technique, and does not have to be redone each month, if you care for it with the appropriate color-safe shampoo and conditioners. This means you get to enjoy your color and style much longer in between salon visits. In fact, depending upon the specifics of your hair and styling, it may be suggested to only have smaller maintenance appointments, and only have your Balayage applied every 3 or 4 months! Your Balayage hair stylist can help you determine the best maintenance plan for your hair and chosen style.

Balayage is so popular

This is the style the A-list celebrities and models are all choosing, as it is the most flattering and attention-drawing style of modern times. Recently growing in popularity, starting in the UK and spreading to the USA, we are now seeing more red carpet ensembles coupled with jaw-dropping Balayage color and styles! Balayage makes the glamorous look of the red carpet possible for anyone and any occasion. Balayage is also more desirable since it can be used with all kinds of hair types and lengths, and both dark and lighter hair colors. This means it is not just for blondes, but for all hair colors, it even works on gray hair!

There is an increasing demand for a natural-looking hair coloring process, a technique which will best compliment one’s skin tone. There is no better way to “highlight” your features, than a good Balayage hair color. A skilled Balayage hair stylist will be able to flawlessly blend your color with your skin tone, producing maximum flattery and self-esteem! The most important part of a Balayage style is the colorist you choose to work with. If you are looking for a fresh, modern and natural looking style that will flatter all of your features and be very easy to maintain, Balayage is for you!

Here is one Salon in Virginia Beach offering Balayage French Hair Styling!

Bridal Hair Salon in Virginia Beach

Formal Bridal Hair and Up-Dos for your VA Beach Wedding

Hair Studios that will be best for formal hairdos, up dos, bridal parties and weddings will have the most experienced hair stylists. These stylists understand that you care about you looking your best on your special day. Your hair stylist should be able to swipe through dozens, or even hundreds of hair styles until you find the exact one which is right for you. Weddings are fragile events, as they are rare and normally a person only attends a handful in their lifetime, even more rarely are they the star of the wedding; therefore, the hair salon you pick to do your bridal party on your wedding day is important!

After all, a bride’s big day is just that: her big day! She should have the best hair stylist on the face of the planet, someone who is going to really care about doing things her way! Therefore finding a hair salon that offers wedding or bridal stylists, will ensure an amazing wedding! Whether the bride’s style is contemporary, traditional or somewhere in between, the hair stylists must take the time to get to know the bride in order to properly compliment her style.


A Hair Salon that does Weddings in Virginia Beach…

It may be hard to find the right hair salon for your wedding. This is a really big commitment and you will need a super reliable salon, with top quality stylists! There are hair salons in VA Beach which are more ideal for your wedding, salons that will ensure you have the floor and get all the attention necessary to look your best. A hair salon must be equipped for more formal hairdos (up dos, etc). Since all brides are different, it is important that the stylists are versatile and able to help you find a perfect up do that will compliment your personal style. Some brides prefer their bridesmaids have the same hair style they have chosen for themselves; while other brides prefer to give their bridesmaids a style of their own. Salons that specialize in weddings and bridal parties usually offer make up and eyelash services as well, since it’s easier to get these glamor services all done in the same place.

Your chosen hair salon should be able to handle the following services:

  • Bridal Hair Service (Both practice and big day)
  • Bridesmaid Updo Service
  • Bridal / Wedding Blow dry / curls
  • Flower Girl Hair Styling
  • Bridal Hair Extensions (Awesome Donna Bella Extensions, or I-tip extensions is a HUGE plus!)
  • Bridal Makeup (practice and big day)
  • Flower Girl Makeup Services

A good salon for weddings will mean more than just a formal up-do. They will also help you with your make-up! Hair and make-up are the number one things you want to make sure are perfect on your wedding day. At Shear Bliss Hair Salon in Virginia Beach, you can get your gorgeous up do, beautiful make up and stand out eyelashes done all at the same place for a reasonable price! This is one salon in VA Beach that will have you feeling as glamorous and beautiful as possible!

Shear Bliss has a Velour Mink Eyelash station, so you can experiment and compare different lashes and test them on yourself, to choose the lashes which compliment your style the best. The stylists are Shear Bliss are Make-up Professionals and can apply your make-up to compliment your lashes (or vice-versa). Getting your make-up, lashes and hair all done in the same salon for your wedding will mean a completely compatible style guaranteed to leave a LASTING impact! Shear bliss is definitely the best Hair Salon in Virginia Beach to get your Bridal Hair & Makeup done! Remember to ask for a group discount, as Shear Bliss will offer discounts for bridal parties and wedding groups! Shear Bliss will also TRAVEL to you (within a reasonable distance to our Virginia Beach homebase). If you are having a destination wedding in the Virginia Beach or surrounding area, they can travel to your wedding location and do your hair and makeup the day of, on site!

If you are planning a wedding in the Virginia Beach area, book your bridal party at Shear Bliss for hair, make up and eyelashes and TURN HEADS!

What makes the Best Salon in Virginia Beach?

The Best Salon in Virginia Beach

The best salon in Virginia Beach is composed of the best hair stylists in Virginia Beach.  What makes a good salon, is a good stylist.  The salon can be as classy, or relaxed as you like, but if you leave dissatisfied with your hair, you simply will not come back!  You want a relationship with a stylist in a salon in VA Beach which listens to you and tries to understand what you are looking for in your hair.  You do not want to be churned in and out of the seat with just any haircut! It’s important that you get a haircut that you are happy with.  How else are you going to go to Hot Tuna or that wedding this weekend with the confidence you know you deserve to feel?

What it takes for a Salon in VA Beach to be the best!

We have studied what makes the best salon in the Virginia Beach area for a while now, and have determined it’s not the light, happy flow of the décor. It’s also not the rewards program or giveaways – no matter how extravagant.  Having a fully stocked Keurig, nor awesome products that we all love, like jewelry candles and Mooseberry handmade soaps does not make a salon the best salon in Virginia Beach.  The only thing that can make a salon in Virginia Beach, truly the best, is having the best hair stylists! People who care about you looking your best and help you figure out how to wear your hair in a way that makes you feel like a million bucks!  Hair stylists that understand passion goes into a hair style!

The only thing that makes a Salon in Virginia Beach, the BEST, is having the most AWESOME hair stylists!

Come check out one of the Best salons in Virginia Beach, with some of the most AWESOME hair stylists you’ll ever meet!

Hair Extensions in Virginia Beach

Looking for Real, Authentic Human Hair Extensions that look real in Virginia Beach?

Look no Further! Donna Bella hair extensions are in VA Beach and look better than any hair extensions you have ever seen! In fact, you cannot even tell they are installed! People will comment on how beautiful, long and natural your hair is when you get your Donna Bella hair extensions installed and go out for a night on the town in downtown Virginia Beach!  Not only do they look amazing, but they are also super durable and allow you to have a little fun!  Other hair extension methods and brands which fall out or get pulled out; and we all know the clip in methods are extremely visible and super hard to cover up!  The first time you try Donna Bella’s I-tip hair extensions, you will be blown away and feel like the TOTAL KNOCK OUT YOU ARE!

Why Donna Bella Hair Extensions are the Best!

When you get Donna Bella hair extensions installed in Virginia Beach you will notice the method uses no glue or heat. You will also notice there is no heat involved!  The method uses small beads which blend so easily into the hair you won’t even notice them! They are sturdy and made with durability that provides a gentle but firm grip, keeping both, your hair and the extension strongly in place! The extensions are made of 100% authentic remy hair that is full and flowing!

When you go to a good Salon in Virginia Beach, you will find they are awesome at installing the hair extensions for you!  The Donna Bella I-Tip (I-link method), does not use any glue to install and looks super real!  If you are looking for an amazing blend that no one will be able to notice or tell, Donna Bella extensions is definitely the way to go!

Schedule an Appointment with a Salon in Virginia Beach that installs Donna Bella Hair Extensions!

Best Local Hair Salon in Virginia Beach

Looking for a Local Hair Salon in VA Beach?

It may be hard these days to find a good salon! A salon can be sheik, it can be classy, we can offer you a coffee or tea, but no matter how pretty the salon is, it’s only as amazing as the hair dressers you find there.  The hair dressers are what MAKE a hair salon function and how you get the hair style you LOVE!  The hair dressers are the talent, the most important part of the experience! Finding a hair stylist in Virginia Beach you want to keep can be hard, and it may even be harder to find the right salon, somewhere you do not feel rushed, but does not take forever…somewhere you enjoy going to that is not too far away…somewhere that feels like a home away from home!  It is possible to have the best of both worlds…a beautiful salon that feels like home and a hair dresser you want to keep forever in Virginia Beach near YOU!

Local Hair Stylists in Virginia Beach

Your hair stylist is important, you see them sometimes as often as once a month and trust them with the look you’ll wear the rest of the 29 days! They learn your likes and dislikes, they learn your taste. A good stylist will learn your style and help you wear the style you love the best way you can!  A good hair stylist in Virginia Beach is someone who understands your lifestyle and desired hair dressing behaviors, someone who will listen to what you want out of your hair and help you achieve it! You will want to pick the right local hair dresser, someone who will help you feel as much pride in your hair as possible!


Click here to check out some of the BEST hair dressers in the best local Virginia Beach Hair Salons!