Friday, February 23, 2018
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Buy Velour Mink Lashes in Virginia Beach

Advantages of Mink Eye Lashes by Velour, Over Normal Synthetic Lashes

Synthetic eye lashes can turn out obvious, messy, unreliable, expensive and downright UGLY!  You have all this eyelash glue and the eye lashes NEVER seem to work right! Whether you try clusters, individuals, or strips, the synthetic eye lashes feel cheap and dirty by the time you have them applied! Yuck! Velour Mink eye lashes are full, beautiful and stand out among the rest!  These lashes are good for up to 25 uses, whereas regular synthetic eye lashes are usually only good to reuse a few times (if they do not get messed up the first use).  Velour lashes do not shape shift or mis-shape any, whereas other options, such as synthetic lashes may lose their shape and form.  Synthetic lashes look like plastic and often are detectable as fake!  Velour lashes are smooth, blend so well and look completely natural!  I have seen some of synthetic lashes next to some Mink lashes at a Virginia Beach dance rehearsal recently and the girls who had the Mink lashes in looked so natural! It was SO hard to tell they were not their real eye lashes and we were blown away by how BEAUTIFUL it turned out for them! 


Velour Mink Eye lashes you can Try on and Buy in Virginia Beach

I know of one salon in Virginia Beach on Shore drive that lets you test out and try different Velour eye lashes…this is important because there are different styles which look better on different people. Trying the different styles and types is so important before you buy them!  This is why Velour Mink lashes are something you want to buy in person, locally, rather than online.  If you are in Virginia Beach, you can go to this salon on Shore drive and the girls there are so nice, they will help show you the different lashes and types and explain how easy it is to apply them. 

Click here to find a salon in Virginia Beach that stocks many different styles of Velour Mink Eyelashes you can try on before you buy!