Friday, February 23, 2018
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Real Human Hair Extension Installation Virginia Beach Hair Salon

Hair Salons that Use Real Human Hair Extensions in Virginia Beach

Hair salon in Virginia Beach that installs hair extensions made from real human hair!

It’s really tough to do what you want with your hair, use the products you want to use, style your hair the way you want to style it and do the activities you want to do…if your hair extensions are synthetic.  As you may have noticed, synthetic hair is only but so cooperative and you can only use certain products without damaging the strands.  Finding a salon that will help you install real human hair extensions will give you the ability to once again style your hair the way you want, and still have long, luscious and full hair with BOUNCE!  Real hair lasts longer, looks more natural (because it is) and is easier to maintain (just provide some moisturizer to keep the hair from becoming brittle, since it will not receive the natural oils that your actual hair will receive…with this very light maintenance, your extensions can last forever!).

Finding a hair salon that offers real human hair extensions is the best way to have the natural long hair look you want, and the freedom that comes from it being your own hair. Style it anyway you want, wear it more frequently, have them professionally installed and you will have the hair and look of a queen! Experienced hair stylists in Va Beach can help you blend the extensions so well, no one will be able to tell they’re extensions at all!


Currently, Shear Bliss, in Virginia Beach ( is offering Donna Bella Human Hair Extensions…and even doing a promotion for October: pink strands for breast cancer! Come and get your pink strand today and show your support!

Click here to make an appointment at a hair salon in VA Beach that can install real human hair extensions today!

About Salon Etiquette in our Virginia Beach Hair Salon

Hair Salon Etiquette in Virginia Beach

Providing you the Best Hair Cut / Experience means an appropriate Etiquette!

Making Appointments – Hair salons are busy places and hair stylists are busy people; both operate based upon schedules and timing.  This means it is important to hair salons, in Virginia Beach, or anywhere else for that matter, that clients receive the highest quality hair service, quickest, for an affordable price.  Because we care about getting you in and out as efficiently as possible, from the stylists perspective, it is also very important that appointments go as close to plan as possible.  This means, if you are going to show up more than a few moments late, to call ahead of time, sometimes we can move you around and fit you into a better time slot that works for everyone.  Scheduling your appointments helps move you in and out a little more quickly and your stylist does prefer you make an appointment when possible.  Most of the best hair salons in Virginia Beach will welcome walk-ins.

Chatting in the chair – To chat or not to chat, that is the question! Hair stylists usually love to chit-chat while you are getting your hair done, which is totally fine to do! The time you are in their chair, is your time and this time is being given to you!  If you prefer not to talk, it is completely acceptable to sit in silence.  Your stylist may like to get to know their clients, but do understand that some people do not like to talk. They will not be offended if you prefer to have a “quiet cut”.

Texting in the chair – Texting in the chair is okay with most stylists, as long as your texting does not get in the way of their 360 degree movement around your chair; However, it is proper etiquette to keep the phone on silent. Phone calls are normally considered disruptive to the service being rendered, so it is best not to make or take any calls while you are in the chair.

How to Tip – The general rule of thumb is 20 percent if the hair stylist has not destroyed your hair. Hair stylists depend on your tips in order to make up an adequate wage! Be generous, these people care about the way you look every month and always love to see you!


The Best Hair Salon Experience in Virginia Beach

A few other things make for a really nice haircut or style! Some things matter more than others, however, the type of hair product your stylists is pretty significant.  Some hair salons in Virginia Beach will offer nice, durable and natural-looking hair by using quality product lines such as Lanza, MoroccanOil, and Olaplex.  Asking your hair stylist what types of products they use and why should help you understand why some products are better for producing the healthiest hair.  Finding a salon that offers the above mentioned products will help you find the best results for your hair!

If you have children, you will want a place that is kid-friendly. For example, one of the best salons in Virginia Beach offers a huge kid-safe, fun-loaded game tablet to help keep your kids occupied while you receive the best hair care service possible!  That same hair salon offers a Keurig for customer-use and keeps it thoroughly stocked with hot cocoa, coffees and teas.  Sometimes, it’s the little things that make your haircut better! Nothing like enjoying a hot cocoa while you get your hair styled on a chilly fall evening!


Check out one of the Best Hair Salons in Virginia Beach!

Virginia Beach Hair Salon Products Buy In Person

Shear Bliss: Our latest hair & beauty products in our Salon

Lanza Hair Products

Sometimes some great looking products can be truly harmful to your body or hair and it is not visible to the eye!  High quality hair means healthy hair, and healthy hair means safe hair products.  Lanza is an amazing line of hair products offering all natural wildcrafted botanicals to give hair stylists a truly healthy product to work with…as in healthy for your hair! It may be hard to find a hair salon in Virginia Beach that uses Lanza products specifically, but when you find one, you will understand why Lanza is so great!

Here is one awesome hair salon on Shore drive in Va Beach offering Lanza products to their customers.


I Tip Extensions

There are a lot of hair extensions out there and some hair salons seem to pick the extensions they use based upon how much they cost.  It is possible to get affordable hair extensions professionally applied in a hair salon without having to use low quality extensions.  I-tip hair extensions are super high quality extensions you can count on remaining durable and natural in look for your next big event! There are a few great hair salons in Virginia Beach offering I-tip hair extensions.  Click here to find an affordable hair salon that will give you a natural hair extension or i-tip extension you will love!

Jewelry Candles

Jewelry Candles, authentic Jewelry Candle brand that is, are very hard to find in Virginia Beach in person, and that is the way to get the best price.  You will want to buy them locally! Hair salons have sometimes carried them, however, I have only seen one hair salon in Virginia Beach that stocks Jewelry Candles, it is on Shore Drive.  These candles make great gifts and you never know what you are going to get! Here is the store in Virginia Beach that stocks the Jewelry Candles locally (it’s a hair salon on Shore Drive, called Shear Bliss).


Visit one of the best, newly renovated salons in Virginia Beach to find these great products and more!

Why Box Dye is Bad and Why it Costs $$$ to Fix

Fixing Damaged Hair or Bad Box Dyes

A lot of people ask “How to dye your hair at home yourself” and wind up looking for hair dye kits themselves. We’ve all seen them: the box dyes that in pharmacies and other beauty aisles, gleaming with a little red sale sticker, sometimes even some impressive name brands create these dyes. It may be very tempting to try and looks like it may save a little money by doing your hair dye yourself at home (this is sometimes known as “box dyeing”), however, it rarely turns out well and rarely saves money.  Trust me on this one, if you are finding yourself thinking…

“…I’ll just try it this once, and we’ll see if I like it, if not, I’ll just go back to my stylist…”

“…it’ll save me a little extra this time and I’m sure no one will notice…”

“…if they can do it, I can do it…”

However, unfortunately it just never seems to go well. In fact, I have never had a good box dye from a store, and anyone I’ve ever seen try it, has ended up with orange hair (okay, not always exactly true, sometimes it looks a little gray / ashy, and other times it has been called “very brassy looking”), none of which is flattering.  More importantly, it has been known to cause major damage to the roots and the bonds (this is no good!).  Most people I know who have ended up trying the do-it-yourself hair dye kits you can do from home wind up saying afterwards…

“…now I have to spend money to get it fixed the right way, this is unacceptable…”

“…I cannot let anyone see me like this…”

“...I should have listened to my stylist…”

Our hair stylists in Virginia Beach know what is up when it comes to hair, just like any other skilled profession, they have selected to get REALLY good at something…and use their passion for hair and style to help you feel your hair and style.  They will be able to inform you of why box dyes are bad, and how do it yourself home dye kits wind up causing your hair far more damage than it would ever be worth! Being by the water, Virginia Beach leads a lot of beach-goers to want to dye their hair themselves…this is because the sun bleaches the hair and causes a lot of the color you prefer to fade.  It is important that your hair is taken excellent care of, and going to a stylist is important, even if you live somewhere like Virginia Beach and frequently are outside…trust me, it is worth the money to have it done the right way.  You do not want to damage your hair with inferior products, and you will feel much better getting it done correctly.  You will be able to feel the life your stylist will breath into your hair!


Best Color and Hair Dye in Virginia Beach

Finding the best color and hair dye in Virginia Beach means finding someone who is going to take the time to get to know your hair and how you wear it.  It is important for them to know how often you are in the sun, especially in Virginia Beach, how you treat your hair (condition/shampoo) and what other products you may use with your hair. Some hair salons provide products like Olaplex, which can help you build your hair’s bonds, rather than destroy them.

This is especially important if you live somewhere like I do…Virginia Beach may be beautiful but it can be BRUTAL on my hair!  I have found my favorite hair salon in Virginia Beach, somewhere I can count on and what I get from this, truly, is that there is no more valuable resource for your style and looks than a great hair stylist! Allowing your hair stylist to explain the pros and cons of various hair dyeing and coloring products is a huge added bonus! 

Consultations are generally free and they will be happy to explain why dyeing your hair at home yourself is a bad idea!


Click here to check out some Hair Stylists in Virginia Beach who can help fix box dye, or do your color and dye for you!

Where to Find Intimate Whitening Cream in Virginia Beach

Caspah Intimate Whitening Cream You can Buy in Virginia Beach

Intimate whitening cream (also sometimes called intimate lightening cream and genital lightening cream) can be hard to find in a local setting. Nearly all of the salons or stores I had visited in Virginia beach and even the surrounding Hampton roads/757 area, only one salon carried Caspah Intimate Whitening Cream, and I did not see any others that had any competitive products.  Maybe they are a little too shy to stock it or something. Personally, I think it is an awesome product! Specifically, it seems to help men and women greatly reduce insecurities.  My friend and I had found it in a Virginia Beach salon on Shore drive, literally right by the beach.  She bought some to use for her nipples, as it is safe to use on the nipple region.  The next time I visited the salon, my mother even bought some, which I’ll admit, was a little weird at first; however, I started to realize that it is no different than the first time I saw her buy razors for which to shave her legs.  It’s all about her feeling the best she can feel, all over. Even in the places the sun doesn’t shine!

My friend has now gone through a total of about a third of her second tube. She has used it twice a day every day for a while now (seems like it lasts forever)! It is reasonable priced, but I have been waiting until it goes on sale there, since this salon frequently offers discounts on really awesome products.  I don’t know anywhere else in Virginia Beach to get it besides here, and it’s pretty convenient since it’s already our salon now.  If you’re thinking about trying an intimate or genital whitening / lightening cream, I suggest you go with a reputable brand like Caspah, as some of the unknown brands may not be safe.  Caspah is a brand that even really nice salons like the one we use will stand behind!


How to Use Caspah Intimate Whitening Cream

Using Caspah Intimate Whitening Cream is easy and more about the frequency than the complication of use.  There are very clear and easy to understand instructions printed very legibly on every tube and basically suggest using it 2 times per day in the desired area (nipple, anal, vagina or penis).  Honestly, when I read the instructions on my mom’s tube, I realized it was nearly impossible to mess up.  So far, everyone I know who has tried it has absolutely loved it!


Click here to find the best prices of Caspah Whitening Cream / Anal Bleach in Virginia Beach