Friday, February 23, 2018
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Balayage Vs. Ombre

What's the difference between Balayage and Ombre?

You're probably see the words balayage and ombre thrown out on Instagram, Facebook, and on the television. Usually, when you see photos of balayage or ombre hair, they look very similar. You are probably wondering: what is the difference between balayage and ombre? IS there a difference? How can I make sure I'm getting the exact look I want when I make my appointment and head to the salon?

Balayage is a French word and means "to sweep." It is a technique hair stylists use to color hair, and can also be referred to as hair painting. Stylists may employ different methods (foils, cellophane, cotton, etc) to achieve this, but the results remain the same. This technique will create a gradual, natural look that is more natural and less upkeep. Many will describe balayage with terms like "sunkissed" or "natural highlights."

Ombre is starting with the darkest color at the roots and getting progressively lighter toward the ends of your hair. The balayage technique can be used to achieve this. Many like this hair color because it is lower maintenance and does not typically involve making a new appointment in 4-6 weeks.

Just to add a bit more confusion to the mix, you may have seen the word "sombre" as well. Sombre stands for soft ombre and doesn't have as harsh a transition as a more traditional ombre. Sombre would be the look if regular highlights and an ombre had a baby! Your stylist will use balayage to achieve this pretty and natural look.

So basically ombre is a COLOR (or, rather, color style) while balayage is the TECHNIQUE. You must remember to bring a photo to your stylist as well. Some individuals want a really blended look while others want a highly contrasting appearance. There are so many words to describe different looks that a picture really is worth a thousand words!

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The Virginia Beach TShirt Perm

The Virginia Beach TShirt Perm is Original

Looking for a new, fresh Beach Perm look?  Shear Bliss Hair Salon (Virginia Beach) on Shore drive has a solution for you! Shear Bliss is home of the original Beach TShirt Perm! 

The TShirt Perm is fun, exciting and gives you a look that will turn heads and which is PERFECT for the beach!  Anyone in Virginia Beach will tell you: this area is unique and so is the weather, your perm needs to be perfect for the area which you live! 

Check out a sample of the process yourself:

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Some Recent Happy Customer Emails

Happy Virginia Beach Haircuts :D

I had a received a cute story in my email recently, as testimony from one of her visits to our salon that I had to share as it is truly flattering when a client refers someone to us. 

“My recent trip to Shear Bliss was my third month going there and I absolutely love my hair stylist.  Your hair stylists put so much passion into the style that the hair speaks for itself. Literally when I went out with my husband last night our server asked me all sorts of questions about my hair and where I got it done.  She was so impressed and wanted to get her hair done there too.  I explained that, despite this being a Virginia Beach hair salon, I went to get my hair done there because it was so good the first time.  This is not the only time I have received a compliment for my hair and it always turns heads.  I realized after going to Shear Bliss, that I have never truly enjoyed my hair or my hair salon.  Now I have found my home and will continue to use Shear Bliss as my regular salon in VA Beach.”

Another story recently shared with us came from a wedding party’s bridesmaid who reported back to us after the wedding stating…

”Hey guys! I am so excited to report the up dos you did for us were a real hit and the life of the photos, and have gotten so many comments on facebook.  When I look back, I realize now that the hair made us all look like celebrities! You girls did a GREAT JOB!! The wedding went really well and I would have to say that not a single conversation occurred which did not involve how gorgeous the bridesmaids and brides hair looked. Everyone wanted to know who did it because they wanted to also have their bridal party get their hair done altogether like we did at the same place, so hopefully you will be seeing some of our friends soon, if their boyfriends would hurt up and pop the question!! Thanks girls!”

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We love all of our clients and that’s the special ingredient in getting your hair right! We invite you to come and try Shear Bliss, for a hair styling experience you will truly love!


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Best Men’s Haircut in Virginia Beach

Finding a salon that cuts men’s hair

Men have a multitude of hair types.  A lot of people think that men’s hair is simpler than women’s hair…and while it may take a little less time to style a man’s haircut, there are still diverse types of hair and styles.  Every man’s hair is different and deserves to be treated as such.  From the Caesar cut to the crew cut…and all in between, picking a style helps represent who you are on the outside. Some men are going for a more professional haircut and style, while others are looking for a simple buzz cut.  Nonetheless, finding the right style to compliment your look is imperative to making a lasting impression!

Men can be fickle

A lot of men care a great deal about how their hair is styled, which way it’s pushed and whether or not it looks good.  Finding a stylist that gets your haircut right, even if it’s a 15 minute job can be tough!  At Shear Bliss, our stylists understand that all clients have preferences and we listen to what you want.  If you need help deciding, our hair dressers are experienced and can show you a number of styles to choose from. To help you choose, we can swipe through a few different choices and make the best decision together.  We will teach you how to style your hair so you can repeat the look after you leave the salon on your own at home! 


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Virginia Beach Hair Salon You’ll Love

Check out our Fresh Styles

Shear Bliss hair salon on Shore drive has recently changed ownership and management, also being completely renovated! The new ambience is soothing and joyful. You will feel relaxed and love every minute of your Shear Bliss experience! Clients are raving about the new look, feel, and most importantly, hair stylists! The hair stylists here are extremely good at what they do and nearly every client happily returns.  Check out the photo gallery and see some of the recent hair styles from Shear Bliss stylists. The salon stays stocked with many organic, unique and handmade products (such as Mooseberry soaps and TerraBay Body Butter).

If you are looking for a new home for your monthly hair styling, look no further! Shear Bliss hair salon in Virginia Beach is conveniently located on Shore Drive (right on the corner of N Great Neck next to the Hot Tuna). 

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